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Amity Price
40 designs

Born in Annapolis, Maryland and attended Savannah College or Art and Design with a BFA in Advertising Design. Amity creates designs and loves to put together different images to create collages to keep up the latest trends and looks!

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20 designs

All your favorite colors to style your phone or laptop. You can customize all products in this collection with your pictures, text or our many cliparts.

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Isabelle Norman Sällström
30 designs

Isa is an illustrator, print & pattern designer from the north of Sweden. She works with clients such as Unicef, Me&I, Spotlight, Hobby lobby and Spira inredning. Isa find inspiration in loud music, good food, 
long walks in the woods and her two sons. Her style use to be described as playful, humorous and with a touch of retro.

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Katarzyna Stróżyńska Goraj
24 designs

Katarzyna Stróżyńska-Goraj is a UK based illustrator and print graphic designer, who draws inspiration from the surrounding nature. She uses watercolors because according to her, this best reflects the subtlety of nature.

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Iisa Mönttinen
12 designs

Iisa is a color and nature inspired illustrator from Helsinki, Finland. She adores everything colorful and wants her designs to be fun and vibrant. She wish to bring joy and happiness to people through her art.

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Paul Fuentes
25 designs

Paul Fuentes is a surrealist artist who makes funny creations with everyday objects into surreal, and colorful compositions. He uses animals, food and objects with a contemporary perspective and pastel-coloured backgrounds that give life to his minimal depictions of modern pop designs.

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13 designs

Yoyo Irawan lives with her husband and two little daughters in Germany. Her passion to illustrate and draw is often inspired by her love towards flora and fauna and of course: food. The family runs a sweet online shop with handmade products for young and old (

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Anna Grundberg
8 designs

Anna Grundberg is an illustrator from the High Coast, Sweden. Anna loves pure expressions and creates fast illustrations with a lot of feeling. She usually illustrates with pencils but also with brush and ink or watercolor.

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Linda Forsberg
8 designs

Linda Forsberg is an illustrator and pattern designer from Sweden. Her patterns has been printed as several different jersey fabrics for Swedish and Norwegian companies such as Znok Design, Vintage In My Heart, Tyglycka and Uglemor. Her designs is mostly playful and with lots of colours. Flowers and animals is her absolute favourite objects to paint.

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Isabelle Vandeplassche
19 designs

Isabelle is a freelance illustrator from Belgium. She mostly paints with watercolors. Her illustrations remind of dreams. The kind of dreams you are sad to have woken up from. She is inspired by nature and traveling. You can find her work under the name "belliesartboutique" on Instagram and Facebook.

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11 designs

Mukta is an artist and a fashion designer currently based in the Greater Washington DC area, USA. She has several years of experience working with major designers and brands in India. Since moving to the US, she's been working as a freelance graphic designer. She's always been very passionate about painting and creating colorful illustrations. Whenever she gets the chance, she loves to travel and explore new places, experience new cultures and meet new people.

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Adelina Lirius
3 designs

Adelina Lirius works as an illustrator, she is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her collections are playful and colourful. She loves spending time in her studio sketching on different ideas and stories. But she also enjoys traveling from time to time, that is where she gets most of her inspiration and ideas from.

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Zala Farah
19 designs

Zala02Creations - Designer and Floral Lover from Australia

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Froilein Juno
73 designs

A globetrotting designer. Froilein Juno loves the interplay between colours, contrasts, shapes, textures and type. The North Rhine-Westphalia-based artist combines a variety of techniques to blur the boundaries between photography and graphic design. A passionate globetrotter, Froilein Juno’s colourful animal portraits, plant still lifes and abstract landscapes are inspired by the impressions she gathers on her journeys.

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Elina Dahl
26 designs

Elina Dahl, a designer who creates light and happy Scandinavian design for the creative home. She's got a passion for Scandinavian interior design and wants her designs to be a part of the everyday life as well as for the more festive events.

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4 designs

Designs made by Amy Marietta.

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